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Tallit - Single Weave Tallit

Single Weave Tallit Sets

Our Single Weave Tallit has lighter colors compared to our Double Weave Tallit.
Tallit colors range from light blacks and blues to more modern vibrant colors.

Tallit - Double Weave Tallit

Double Weave Tallit Sets

Our Double Weave Tallit has a very high weave density, which creates strong and bold colors. A double weave tallit takes much longer to make and it's cost is higher compared to a single weave tallit.

Tallit - Textured Tallit

Textured Tallit Sets

A pure off-white hand-spun tallit is the height of elegance. Bands of color may also be added to create a distintive tallit. Matching tallit bags and kippot are available.


Handwoven woll tallit designs from Jerusalem.

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Shizre Kodesh, a family business which has specialized in creating custom, hand woven tallit designs for over two generations, produces a unique range of tallit designs. Each tallit is hand woven in pure wool on traditional looms from Jerusalem. Tallit designs range from traditional to modern. Also available are chuppot in pure silk for synagogue interiors including parochot (ark curtains) and torah mantles.
Rainbow Tallit - Colorful Tallit

Rainbow Tallit

In the spirit of Joseph's Coat of Many Colors, this is one stunning tallit!

Tallit Bags

Tallit Bags





Tallit Bags

Torah Mantles

Our Tallit Designs: Single Weave Tallit Sets ; Double Weave Tallit Sets ; Textured Tallit Sets
Synagogue Items: Chuppah ; Parochet ; Torah Mantles

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