Handwoven Wool Tallit

Made by artist Carine Kleiman

Jerusalem Tallit

Shizre Kodesh, a family business which has specialized in creating custom, hand woven tallit designs for over two generations, produces a unique range of tallit designs. Each tallit is hand woven in pure wool on traditional looms from Jerusalem. Tallit designs range from traditional to modern. Also available are chuppot in pure silk for synagogue interiors including parochot (ark curtains) and torah mantles.

נגן וידאו


Yes. All our tallitot are hand made and hand woven. We have a wide range of colors and patterns from which you can choose your unique design.

We offer three sizes: Small, Medium and Large

  • The small size is 32″ x 74″ ( 81cm x 1.88cms)
  • Medium is 48″ x 74″ ( 122cms x 1.88)
  • Large is 53″ x 74″ ( 1.35 x 1.88)

The first measurements are the length of the Tallitot. All three sizes have the same width. We will be happy to help you in person to choose the right size for you.

We use pure wool. The fabric is very light and does not slip off the shoulders.

Yes. Adding a Name or Blessing is possible and is embroidered on to the material. There is an extra charge for embroidery.

The tallit takes approx. 3 – 4 days but the Warp on the loom is set up for 10 different Tallitot designs. Delivery depends on the time of year and can be between 4- 6 weeks. Rush orders are available.

Matching bags are available but are charged separately and are not included in the tallit price

All the tallitot are sent with the tzizzit tied unless the customer asks us not to. We tie in two different methods. Ashkenaz  7-8-11-13 or Sephard 10-5-6-5. Ptil Tekhelet is available for an extra charge.

The best way is hand wash in cold water or Dry clean. The tallitot must NEVER be machine washed.

As there is no halachic requirement for a Chuppa size, all three sizes can be used as a Chuppa.

The Medium and Large sizes allow more people to stand under the Chuppa.

Unfortunately not. Today we keep no stock items so all tallitot are individually hand woven

for each customers.


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