About Us

Jerusalem Tallit was established in 1985 by master weaver Carine Kleiman in the Arts and Crafts Lane, Khutzot Hayozer, Jerusalem, as part of her father, Georges Goldstein’s tapestry studio. Carine made Aliyah from Paris, France in 1961 when her father was invited by the Israeli government to set up the first weaving Atelier in the north of the country. From an early age, Carine was surrounded by an atmosphere of Art, Design and weaving and completed her apprenticeship as a Tapestry weaver.

In 1985, Carine was given an opportunity to continue the weaving of Rabbi Roger Kahn who trained her in the art of weaving tightly woven tallitot in pure wool. Carine continued some of Rabbi Kahn’s designs and soon expanded and added new creations under the Studio name Jerusalem Tallit.

Carine’s tallitot designs are suitable for all tastes from traditional black stripes to multi-color (rainbow) wide bands and come in sizes for bnei mitzvah and for adults.

Sizes range from the narrow 32″ to the large 55″ which allows you to turn the tallit back over your shoulders. Matching bags and kippot are also available.

Carine’s artist’s eye for color will enable you to create your own unique personal design or to wear one of her designs with joy.

As of March 2014, we have moved the studio in the Arts and Crafts Lane from #9 – #27. Located at the bottom of the lane right opposite the circular steps and 2 doors away from the yellow barrier.

נגן וידאו
Carine Kleiman
Carine Kleiman and her father, Georges Goldstein